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2012-01 Energy Storage in Power Systems: Technologies, Applications and Future Needs
February 7-10, 2012

The increase of the penetration of renewable energy resources (RERs) into electrical networks is certainly related to the availability of energy storage systems (ESSs). Indeed, the use of ESSs could, in principle, provide several ancillary services to electrical grids such as: balance of RERs energy production, balance local loads, reserves provision, islanded operation of distribution systems, integration into low voltage microgrids, etc.
The above-mentioned services are characterized by different energy and power requirements that involve the use of appropriate storage technologies. In this respect, the course aims at providing the state-of-the-art of ESSs technologies, their modeling as well as their applications into electrical grids both in large and small scales


ETHZ, Zurich and EPFL, Lausanne

Prof. G. Andersson, Prof. M. Paolone, Dr R. Cherkaoui

Contacts: Dr. R. Cherkaoui (, Mrs A. Moinat (

Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL)
EPFL STI-DEC/GR-SCI, ELL 116 (Bâtiment ELL), Station 11
CH-1015 Lausanne, Switzerland
Phone: +41-21-693 26 61 / +41-21-693 20 58
Fax: +41-21-693 46 62


Göran Andersson, ETH-Zurich, Switzerland.
François Avellan, EPF-Lausanne,  Switzerland.
Carlo Alberto Nucci, University of Bologna, Italy.
Andreas Züttel, EMPA Materials Science and Technology, Switzerland.
Alfred Rufer, EPF-Lausanne,  Switzerland.
François Marechal, EPF-Lausanne,  Switzerland.
Thomas Aschwanden, Kraftwerke Oberhasli AG, Switzerland.
Martin Geidl, Swissgrid, Switzerland.
Alexandre Oudalov, ABB Corporate Research, Switzerland.
Stephan Koch, ETH-Zurich, Switzerland.
Andreas Ulbig, ETH-Zurich, Switzerland.
Martin Aeberhard, SBB-CFF, Switzerland.
Nicolas Cherix, EPF-Lausanne,  Switzerland
Alberto Borghetti, University of Bologna, Italy.
Joao Peças Lopes, INESC, Portugal.
Mario Paolone, EPF-Lausanne,  Switzerland

Course duration and location

3 day - Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL), Lausanne

Courses Contents

1.    The need of balancing power with storage: G. Andersson (ETHZ, time: 60’)
2.    Technologies:

a.    Modern Compound and Reversible Units for Pumped Storage Power Plants: F. Avellan (EPFL, time: 60’)
b.    Battery energy storage systems (BESS): C. A. Nucci (Univ. of Bologna, time:120’)
c.    Hydrogen: production, storage, applications and safety: A. Zuettel (EMPA, time:90’)
d.    Energy storage systems properties - case of Compressed Air Energy, Vanadium Redox flow Battery, Supercaps, etc.: A. Rufer (EPFL, time :90’)
e.    Thermo electric energy storage systems: F. Marechal (EPFL, time: 90’)

3.    Applications

a.    Large systems applications
i.    Large pumped storage hydro power plants: T. Aschwanden (KWO, 75’)
ii.   Electricity storage: issues and opportunities from a TSO perspective: M. Geidl (Swissgrid, time: 45’)
iii.  Applications of BESS in electric power systems with renewable generation: A. Oudalov (ABB, time: 90’)
iv.  Aggregated Demand Response using Thermal Loads, Integration in Virtual Power Plants, and Evaluation of Flexibility: S. Koch/ A. Ulbig (ETHZ, time:90’)
v.   Requirements and possibilities for energy storage applications in railway power supply: M. Aeberhard, N. Cherix (SBB/EPFL, time 60’)

b.    Distribution systems applications
i.    Distribution networks support (voltage control, islanding): A. Borghetti (Univ. of Bologna, time 60’)
ii.   Controlling and managing V2G and V2H: J. Peças Lopes (INESC, time: 90’)
iii.  Seal-healing operation of microgrids with BESS: M. Paolone (EPFL, time: 90’)

Course fees

The course fees include lectures, documentation, coffee breaks and lunches

Members of the EES-UETP:                367.5 EUR
University non members of the EES-UETP:    900 EUR
Industry non members of the EES-UETP:        1500 EUR

The Course Secretariat will send an invoice to each registered participant, after the reception of the filled Registration Form.

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