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2007-03 Electricity networks of the future: theoretical and practical issues to design the new distribution system
September 24-26, 2007


   Distributed energy resources are gaining more and more importance in distribution and they are predicted to drastically change the whole distribution system, the digital society requires higher quality than in the past and the environmental concerns require improving energy efficiency. For these and many other reasons the electricity supply network will be no longer a passive termination of the transmission system and the concept of active network has been recently introduced to delineate the evolution of the power delivery system. The new electricity networks must be:
   •Flexible: fulfilling customers’ needs whilst responding to the changes and challenges ahead;
   •Accessible: granting connection access to all network users, particularly for renewable power sources and high efficiency local generation with zero or low carbon emissions;
   •Reliable: assuring and improving security and quality of supply, consistent with the demands of the digital age with resilience to hazards and uncertainties;
   •Economic: providing best value through innovation, efficient energy management and ‘level playing field’ competition and regulation.
   The scope of the course is to give participants a vision of the short, medium and long term scenario by highlighting the expected evolution of the distribution grid, the participation of DER to energy and service markets and the DER contribution to alleviate the vulnerability of the whole power system. Models, algorithms and tools for planning, designing and operating the grid of the future, taking into account risks and uncertainties, will be provided during the course as well as some practical applications.


Dr. Fabrizio Pilo (

   Fabrizio Pilo is Associate Professor of Electrical Power Systems at the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (DIEE) of the University of Cagliari since November 2001. He was born in Sassari, Italy, 1966. He graduated in Electrical Engineering at the University of Cagliari in 1992 (magna cum laude), and since then he has been a research collaborator of the Power System Group in the same University. In 1996 he became Assistant Professor at the DIEE. In 1998 he earned the Ph.D. degree from the University of Pisa. He has been responsible for several research contracts in the field of Power Distribution Optimization funded by CESI, ENEL, MIUR, and by the Sardinian Regional Government. He is member of the IEEE and AEIT, and Special Reporter of the CIRED Technical Committee.
   He is author of more than 60 papers published on international journals or presented in various national and international conferences. Current research interests are in the field of distribution planning and optimization, distributed generation, power quality and AI applications in Power Systems.


Alberto Borghetti
University of Bologna

Alex Baitch
BES (Aust) Pty Ltd

Nikos Hatziargyriou

Erkki Lakervi
Helsinki University of Technology

João Peças Lopes

Fabrizio Pilo
University of Cagliari

Miles Redfern
University of Bath

Goran Strbac
Imperial College London


Course duration and location

Three days, from Monday the 24th to Wednesday the 26th of September, 2007.


Courses Contents

  • Monday, September 24
  • Introduction to electricity distribution networks. Conventional electricity distribution network design (E. Lakervi)

    Innovative Networks – The Smartgrid Technology Platform (N. Hatziargyriou)

    Planning innovative distribution systems (F. Pilo)

    Overview of microgrids - Requirements and tools for managing and controlling island systems (N. Hatziargyriou)

    Scheduling of distributed resources (A. Borghetti)

  • Tuesday, September 25
  • Microgrids islanding operation and black -start (J. Peças Lopes)

    MultiMicrogrids operation strategies (J. Peças Lopes)

    The role of DG in the energy market (G. Strbac)

    Active management of distribution networks (G. Strbac)

  • Wednesday, September 26

  • Demand side integration in innovative distribution systems - The value of responsive loads in the competitive wholesale electricity market
    (A. Baitch)

    Distribution network protection in innovative distribution systems (M. A. Redfern)


    Course fees

    The course fee includes lectures, documentation, coffee breaks and lunches.

    Members of the EES UETP: € 525
    University non members of the EES UETP: € 900
    Industry non members of the EES UETP: € 1500

    The Course Secretariat will acknowledge the registration by email after receiving the Registration Form filled in any part. The organization will send an invoice to each registered participant, after receiving the payment.


    Registration form

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    Dr. Emilio Ghiani
    Department of Electrical and Electronic
    Engineering - Piazza D’Armi - 09123 Cagliari, Italy
    Phone: +39 070 675 5872/5883
    Fax: +39 070 675 5900

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    Dr. Emilio Ghiani
    Department of Electrical and Electronic
    Engineering - Piazza D’Armi - 09123 Cagliari, Italy
    Phone: +39 070 675 5872/5883
    Fax: +39 070 675 5900