The development towards a sustainable energy system in the electric power industry has led to the emergence of a set of market models and new concepts for optimized operation and control of power systems, e.g. Virtual Power Plants and Microgrid. In these new concepts, the traditional stakeholders are complemented by new actors that take roles such as aggregator, prosumer, dispatchable load etc. Common to all these concepts is that they assume a more flexible and loosely coupled ICT system architecture. In such architectures, ICT components communicate to implement optimization, control and protection functions.
Interoperability is a necessary pre-requisite for such an environment. While standards are a fundamental mean, and provide necessary ingredients they are not sufficient for achieving interoperability. Challenges include insufficient specifications, alternate options for implementation, vendor specific tools, difficulty in cross standard harmonization, integration with high level control and automation systems and steep learning curves for the workforce.
This course will provide fundamental knowledge to the interoperability issues in the Smartgrid, introduction to state of the art systems and technologies, and hands-on practice with relevant industry standard tools.
•    Have an introduction and understanding of Interoperability issues in the Smartgrid
•    Introduction to the state of the art systems, methodologies and frameworks for interoperability in the Smartgrid
•    To perform hands-on practice and exercises on interoperability solutions in IEC 61850 based industry standard automation and control systems
•    Overview and introduction to leading research projects in the field


KTH, Royal Institute of Technology

Dr. Arshad Saleem and Professor Lars Nordström

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